Terms Explained

Feature: Feature means  »something that can be done«. For instance producing a PDF based on a HTML-Document.

Instance (of a model): Actual attributes of a given model which represent a specific "real-life" object

Populating a company's database means capturing the attributes provided by models.

For instance the company's database might utilize the model client, with attributes first name, last name, address, and so on.

A specific client the is captured by creating an instance of the model client. For instance:

  1. first name: John
  2. last name: Doe
  3. ...

Model: A Model used to represent "real-life" objects of one kind. 

For instance, we create a model that we call "Client" which should represent the type of objects the company sells products and services to.
We give Client the following attributes:

  1. first name
  2. last name
  3. address
  4. ...

A model does therefore not represent a specific "real-life" object, opposed to an instance of a model.

Modelling a company's database means setting up models for "real-life"-entities that a company deals with in its day-to-day business.

Modelling a company's database: see Model

Populating a company's database: see Instance

Project Scope: The set of Features that need to be possible once the project has been finished.

We use a tool called Xalimo designer® that allows us to design workflows and their resulting states graphically. As a side-effect we obtain with no extra effort  the documentation of the project. This documentation serves as the basis of the contract between our client and us.